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Joe Cabatit

Creative Developement


I offer a wide variety of services all centered around creative developement. I work primarily digitally, but I can still rock a pen and brush if that;s what you are looking for. 
Working digitally allows me to work fast and more dynamically. It also makes things much more affordable.  Contacting me is free, and I think you find my rates realsonably affordable. It's a win win senerio! 
  1. Logo
    Need a Logo for your podcast? Need an icon for your website? Original Artwork for your company or website can really make your brand stand out, or it can be as simple as jazzing up your social media accounts rates by the Image
  2. Illustration
    Need cover art for your album? Need a banner for your Youtube channel? In the era of Youtube and Soundcloud, personal design can set you and your brand apart from the Instagram filters and Glamor shot profiles. Rates by the Image
  3. Concept Art
    Need some design to help along your project? Need visualization for your pitch or look book? Bringing strong visuals to the table will always help sell your vision, or even inspire the project itself. rates by the Hr/Image
  4. Script Mechanic
    Need a critique to get perspective on your script? Looking for aid adapting your project? I read a lot of stories and I write as well. Television, Plays, films, comics, books, comedy. I can add a well rounded perspective to your script. rates by the hour
  5. Comic Art
    Looking to make your graphic novel? Need aid finishing your own artwork? From pencils to digital inks, from layouts to covers, I can assist with just about any stage of production. Rates by the page
  6. Open Source
    Have an open source community project idea? Do you need something specific to finish your crowd sourced project? I realize community projects aren't really done for money... and I'm not asking for any, but if you want to start one, or need help with one... Just contact me and see whats up.
Creative endeavors require
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