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Joe Cabatit

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​mystic tales of cosmic adventure

I am User 3827, and I am obsessed with your time era. I am so obsessed that I maybe you all might like some of the stuff from MY time era: the 24th century. 

The problem is that for various technical and legal reasons, it is extremely tough to distribute or sell ANYTHING from the future, let alone media. Rightfully so, it could destroy the fabric of space time. However, I am sworn to the freedom of fiction of all space and time dimensions. I think that it's important for people to know that there is a future and that we still tell stories. They can get us through though times.

anywho, so, with the co opperation of time relevent co conspirators in your time, I have found a way to send some stuff back in chunks, and it has to be consumed with the hands or eyes. .. I should explain.

Here where I am in the future, we comsume media in a completely different way. We use this thing called the Omni Index and... Well. Imagine sending a video file of the Matrix to the 1700's. Forget that they don't know how to use a computer, or have a computer, forget then understanding humans as batteries, forget them knowing what batteries are. They have never seen a PICTURE!

With Issue one you will recieve your official permit to carry media from other dimensions and I suggest you keep it with you whenever you are reading The ExtraGalactic or even talking about it with friends or enemies.

anyway, more later.

USER 3827
Each edition of the ExtraGalactic will have AT LEAST TWO far out tales from the contrabanned future. The first tale will be an episode of one of my favorite serials and the second tale will be a section of a feature presentation, debuting a Graphic novel as parts before it's available completed. 
Our Debut Feature presentation is "JELLY" by Suki Kaiser and Joe Cabatit
Our first Series episodes will be from
season one of "QUE"
by Anna Alexander and Joe Cabatit
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